On July 14, 2021, District Property Trust, also known as District REIT, purchased Wonderland Path as part of their portfolio of acquired properties.

About Wonderland Path
Wonderland Path is a premier community that comprises 47 three and four bedroom luxury townhomes that offers wonderful area amenities, great schools, quick and easy access to Hwy 401, Hwy 402 and so much more. Wonderland Path is a great choice for business professionals, young families and those with an appreciation for living well.

Property Leasing
The property is continuing to undergo an aggressive lease-up process and currently has a 93.6% occupancy rate. The average monthly rent per unit is approximately $2,180 ($17.20 per square foot) and District REIT expects these figures to increase as the vacant units are leased up at higher market rates. It should be noted that the appraiser’s rental income estimate resulted in a blended rental rate of $16.76 per square foot, or $2,130 per unit, and therefore the achieved rates are in line and marginally superior to the rates estimated by the appraiser.

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