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About Us

100 Bronte Street
Mixed-Use Property

District Property Trust, also known as District REIT™, is a private Real Estate Investment Trust that owns and operates a portfolio of diversified income-producing real estate. As unit holders, investors can benefit from the capital appreciation of District REIT's assets through on-going management and value creation strategies.

About Us
As a Canadian entity, District REIT™ seeks to acquire Canadian properties with a focus primarily on emerging secondary and tertiary markets within Southern Ontario. We strategically invest in this targeted region and consider it to be Our District.
Why Southern Ontario?
With real estate growth in Southern Ontario over the past decade, District REIT's experienced acquisition team believes this targeted market has displayed a favourable value appreciation and anticipated to have potential room for growth.
Private Portfolio
District REIT™ is a Private REIT, that is not traded on a public exchange. Unit prices are calculated quarterly, offering ease from daily fluctuations. The Net Asset Value of the REIT is based directly upon the market value of the underlying real estate.