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Invest in Emerging Real Estate Markets

Riddell Gardens
Multi-Family Residential

District REIT™ offers an investment opportunity to participate in the ownership of a portfolio of diversified, incoming-producing real estate. Investors can benefit from capital gains realized through rental increases, asset refurbishments and repositioning strategies within the portfolio.

How Your Distributions Are Earned

District REIT's association with the Valour Group offers the REIT first-hand access to income producing properties, through assets owned, developed, and managed by Valour Group.

Strategic Partner
As an experienced real estate developer, Valour Group’s team of professionals operate, develop, and construct multi-residential and commercial real estate in Ontario. District REIT™ works closely with Valour Group, to identify opportunities for the growth of the REIT.
Strategic Planning
This strategic relationship has the potential to offer District REIT™ primary access to purchase off-market, newly constructed Valour Group projects, in targeted locations.
Minimum Investment

A minimum investment option starting at $10,000 offers participants a simplified entrance into the REIT.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Earn an additional 2% Unit Bonus on your monthly distributions when you choose to automatically reinvest your earnings with DRIP.

Registered Funds Eligible

Investments can be made from a wide range of registered funds such as RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs.

How Do You Qualify?
District REIT™ is classified as an Exempt Market Product by the Securities Regulators in Canada and is open to investors that must qualify to participate.

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