Real Estate Expert, Scott McGillivray & the McGillivray Group partner with District Property Trust (“District REIT”), a Diversified Canadian-Based Real Estate Investment Trust.

Principals and Trustees, Richard Hall & Carmen Campagnaro; together with new District Property Trust Partners, Scott & Andrew McGillivray.

Toronto, ON – Sept 24th, 2019

District Property Trust (“District REIT”) has established a strategic partnership with the McGillivray Group that positions the organization to expand its presence in the Canadian real estate market. The McGillivray Group, led by CEO Scott McGillivray, will serve on the executive committee and assist the leadership at District REIT with realizing its acquisition strategy and growth plans.

District REIT is a private real estate investment trust focused in Southern Ontario that invests in stabilized, diversified income-producing real estate assets. District REIT’s objective is to maximize investor value by providing stable, monthly cash distributions and long-term appreciation through effective management and cumulative portfolio growth.

Founders and Trustees, Carmen Campagnaro and Richard Hall, have a solid track record of successfully acquiring, developing, managing and creating value in real estate and view Scott and the McGillivray Group as an excellent addition to the senior leadership team at District REIT.

The McGillivray Group is a perfect compliment to District REIT, sharing a like-minded mandate to help investors achieve success in their real estate endeavours. We believe this collaborative partnership will allow a unique opportunity for investors to build wealth together, with the faces and names you know and trust.

Carmen Campagnaro, Co-Founder, District Property Trust REIT

The REIT will pool investor capital for the purpose of investing in a portfolio of income producing real estate assets, making investing in apartments and commercial real estate more accessible for investors. The model targets property classes in growing demand and benefits from management’s ability to access off-market opportunities, along with a healthy pipeline of newly developed, purpose-built income properties, not otherwise available.

Through this exciting strategic partnership we feel that District REIT will be well positioned to provide an opportunity for individual investors to be involved in real estate investment properties they might not otherwise have access to, and without the time commitments of traditional property ownership

Scott McGillivray, Real Estate Expert and CEO of the McGillivray Group

District REIT has several properties in its acquisition pipeline and is seeking to raise additional funding to accomplish its immediate growth strategy. The targeted acquisitions will add additional diversification to the portfolio while contributing additional free cash flow to support monthly cash distributions to investors.

District REIT is currently distributing a tax advantaged 8% per annum and has capital growth potential with a target of 3-5% per year. The combined target annual return is 11-13%. District REIT is eligible for registered plans including RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs. The minimum investment is $10,000.

Units for purchase are only available through registered Exempt Market Dealers (“EMDs”) licensed to deal in securities. Interested residents of Ontario or British Columbia will be referred to a licensed EMD. This document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy the Units of District REIT.

To learn more about District REIT please call 1-833-308-7348 or email info@districtreit.ca

District REIT Exclusive Partnership Event

September 19th, 2019